ImJudas – I Love You


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Maxx Maryan, male half of cult Italian duo HELALYN FLOWERS, today reveals “I Love You”, the first excerpt of IMJUDAS’ forthcoming album “Viscerheart” whose sound and lyrical contents are held dangerously on the tightrope of emotional and sentimental instability.

Released as a FREE download song, “I Love You” will grab on you in no time with its sing-along DEPECHE MODE-esque chorus, early Colin Newman/WIRE vibes, the electric touch of a GARY NUMAN and that melancholic 80s Pop-Wave Post-Punk feel overall.

“I Love You” announces a straight dark pop album but let’s hear what “Viscerheart” will bring us! Meanwhile enjoy this addictive tune whose love it refers to allows itself to blur the boundaries between its affirmation and its questioning, as if to indicate a dark side of love, the one that proceeds unconsciously from our selfishness…