Lovelorn Dolls – An Intense Feeling Of Affection EP


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Five years ago, Brussels-based band LOVELORN DOLLS self-released their very first demo “An Intense Feeling Of Affection” under the name “Lovelorn”. This February 2016, we celebrate the 5th anniversary of that very rare and now completely sold-out collector’s item. On the pressing demand of the band’s ever-growing fanbase, we decided together with the band to make this precious sonic treasure available on digital platforms. Re-releasing it, while carefully keeping the authentic and original spirit of these recordings intact! A demo which testifies the metal roots of LOVELORN DOLLS and reminds us of how the band’s sound has evolved and matured between their early recordings and their 2015’s successful second album “Japanese Robot Invasion”.

It’s a quite unique experience that LOVELORN DOLLS offer us here to rediscover these songs in their very original version, songs that we recognize from the band’s debut album “The House Of Wonders”, but that are also so different in many aspects at the same time. They breathe the roughness, depth and innocence of Kristell and Bernard’s first self-made recordings together before their first producer Victor Love of DOPE STARS INC. gave them that more darkish electronic pop rock touch. You will notice for example that the drum parts are here programmed and not the real drum arrangements we can find on their official debut album. It’s also interesting hearing “Mother Of The Universe” entirely sung by Kristell (without the guest vocals of Helen Vogt of FLOWING TEARS) or yet “Frozen Inside” played one tone higher with some different guitar melodies. But we prefer letting you play the game on your own and discover all other differences…

Last but not least, LOVELORN DOLLS added a 6th bonus song “Rates Of Loneliness” which got renamed “Rats Are Out” on their first album, and the fact that it has totally different vocal parts attests that they can write two completely different songs using the very same chords…


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