Freakangel – Suicidal (Break The Cycle) – Free download single/video


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Bang! Bang! Our Estonian enfant terrible D. Darling and his FREAKANGEL gang of electro-industrial rockers strike back at full force with this unexpected new single and video clip that will literally wreck you in no time.

The first brand new song since the release of the 4th studio album “The Ghost Became” back in 2017 and after some X anniversary celebrations and side-projects activities with SUICIDAL ROMANCE (noir synth pop) and MATTHEW CREED (dark minimal techno), “Suicidal (break the cycle)” starts slow and rough before exploding in your face like a hand grenade for a full blast of adrenaline-pumping sonic assaults where vocal violence and synthetic darkness unite for a firework of poisonous deviance and malevolent anger.

This is FREAKANGEL at the top of their form, announcing a hell of an album and presenting here one of the most provocative and powerful songs ever released by the Alfa Matrix label in over 20 years!

Also don’t miss the stunning video clip of “Suicidal” brilliantly capturing the harsh and addictive intensity of this self-questioning catharsis song.

The FREAKANGEL fanbase will appreciate the Bandcamp edition of this single including an exclusive bonus booklet with lyrics and poster, plus the full uncensored video clip.

Go “Suicidal”: pull the trigger, play at maximum volume, and break the cycle!

This very special FREAKANGEL release comes out as a FREE (pay as you wish) single on Bandcamp!

Praise it? Hate it! Love it? YOU decide: but at least PLAY it LOUD and share the virus with your best friends and also worst enemies!