Freakangel – Suicidal (Break The Cycle) – Extended EP


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Strong from the resonant success of their comeback single “Suicidal (break the cycle)” and its stunning video clip companion, Estonian electro-industrial rockers FREAKANGEL launched a remix contest to gather some guest remixing artists around them on this new “extended” EP release.

The band and its label eventually decided to extend their selection to the top 5 favourite remixes: “We have received a massive amount of remixes and we are very thankful to everyone who took part in this contest!”, says Dmitry Darling. “Sadly, we cannot release every one of them on our EP but we will definitely release some more remixes on upcoming compilations!”…

Very interesting to hear how these featured remixers added their own flavour to this harsh powerful song with new versions hanging between heavy elektro rock and upbeat dark hellektro! And we’re not talking about unknown contributing artists here, and that’s no surprise that they set the quality bar that high for this remix contest: the track-list speaks for itself: a bicephalic rework signed by SEBASTIAN KOMOR and THE TRUE UNION (featuring additional female vocals by Azul Far), but also remix versions by ALIEN:NATION, DIVERJE, NEUROKLAST and UNK! & DOCTORD.

If you enjoyed the original version of “Suicidal (break the cycle)” that starts slow and rough before exploding in your face like a hand grenade for a full blast of adrenaline-pumping sonic assaults where vocal violence and synthetic darkness unite for a firework of poisonous deviance and malevolent anger, you will surely enjoy this extended EP!

Also don’t miss the stunning video clip of “Suicidal (break the cycle)” brilliantly capturing the harsh and addictive intensity of this self-questioning catharsis song.

Bang! Bang! Play at maximum volume, and break the cycle!

Lyrics by D.Darling and Ocean Black
Written, produced and recorded by D. Darling and Ocean Black
Original song mixed and mastered by Max Gerasyonov at Usoundworks Studio