Freakangel – The Last White Dance EP


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The FREAKANGEL gang returns with their new video clip and EP “The Last White Dance” which includes bonus exclusive remixes by DAWN OF ASHES, ALIEN VAMPIRES, ACYLUM, AVARICE IN AUDIO, FREAKY MIND and a special bonus comes in the form of an original demo track from 2009.

“The Last White Dance” is taken from the X Anniversary version of their debut album “The Faults Of Humanity” and in co-operation with an Estonian film director and adult photographer that goes under the name of Basket Buns, it was turned into a glorious and NSWF video.

A unique collaboration between FREAKANGEL and the Reval Universe team. The music video is based on the grindhouse/cyberpunk series Reval City directed by Basket Buns. Watch it now: The video for “The Last White Dance” includes additional content that was cut from the final version of the movie and fulfils all your kinky and bloody desires! N S F W… you have been warned!

Harsh, malevolent, poisonous and deviant. The ultimate sonic and visual orgy for all fans of dark aggrotech elektro industrial is here: join in for “The Last White Dance”…

Watch the video below.

ATTENTION: in the bonus of this EP you will find the uncensored version of the cover artwork. Be ready for some booty…


  • Written by D. Darling and Art
  • Additional programming by Ocean Black
  • Percussion by Tanya
  • Produced by D. Darling
  • Mixed and mastered by Max Gerasyonov