First Aid 4 Souls – Beyond The Galaxy (Rework)


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It was in 2013 when FIRST AID 4 SOULS originally released the break-through album “Beyond The Galaxy”. The band’s mastermind, István Gazdag, is one of the most well-known and respected artists from the Hungarian underground electronic music scene and he is also often described as a totally unpredictable sonic chameleon, constantly surprising us by the diversified creative directions he can take, or by the surprising collaborations he can initiate. Through the years, FA4S released ambient soundscapes, dark EBM, psy-acid, dark synth pop or yet industrial noise.

Today, the Hungarian pioneer takes us by surprise once again by inaugurating his “rework” concept. While many bands content themselves by remastering past albums, István Gazdag took the challenge of totally replaying and remixing this chef d’oeuvre of diversity. Strong from his acquired production skills and studio experience through the years, FIRST AID 4 SOULS fully restructured the instrumentations he wanted to redesign and uplifted the song arrangements by adding live drums and guitars to reach the ultimate dynamic of this poignant colorful sci-fi inspired album.

‘Beyond The Galaxy’ is an amazing mixture of catchy dark dance music and experimental industrial and everything that stands in between, reminding us of the band’s unique ability to mash all sorts of electronic and industrial influences to make his own fascinating style. From EBM to industrial metal!
The wide spectrum of genres even gets reinforced by the personal style of the various involved guest singers ranging from the evil dark growls of Aaron Russell from IMPURFEKT to the ethereal female vocals of Linda Daemon from KRELL, through the aggressive and powerful vox of Balázs Frank from V.E:N., the possessed darkwave tone of good old partner in crime Vic Willow, the tortured whispers of Árpád Ciprián Asbóth from IMPACT PULSE or yet the highly expressive romantic voice of Mark Duffield from ELTEL.

A ”rework” approach that offers the perfect opportunity to dive again into this great album from an all new dimension for all FA4S fans from the early days or simply discover it for the first time and fall under its eclectic spell…