Digital Factor – What? EP


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With his comeback album release “A Chemical Process”, Mike Langer made 2 strong statements: firstly, DIGITAL FACTOR is above all an audio-visual project; and secondly, the German artist stands for an ear-challenging eclectic sound approach that merges intricate modern electro techno elements with addictive synth pop song arrangements and powerful Industrial / Electronic Body Music root foundations.

Today DIGITAL FACTOR hits the nail on the head once again and confirms his position with this new 6-track EP release featuring 3 exclusive brand new songs, each accompanied by a remix version from Alfa Matrix label mates and a stunning video clip per song…

Still catchy and melodic, “What?” reveals a more upfront dancefloor approach with straight in your face beats and ferocious synth sequences. Although DIGITAL FACTOR continues fusing quite contrasting elements for the ultimate pleasure of your ears!

If PSY’AVIAH underlined the catchy breakbeat pop feel of the delicious title track “What?”, Belgian analogue synth guru CUBIC enjoyed emphasizing the hypnotizing club feel of “Sometimes We Are A Little Bit Closer”, while sexy New-York diva NEIKKA RPM gave a lush and dirty hammering touch to the explicit “I Wanna Taste” with her own additional characteristic vocal whispers…

A mind-boggling sonic experience.