Diffuzion – Jab # 3​,​1415926535​.​.​. [Ain’t gonna fuck with my brain] EP


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“ “Ain’t Gonna Fuck With My Brain!” is a quite usual expression we use in Russian language when somebody annoys you with repetitive and unnecessary information”, says Xev – lead singer of DIFFUZION…

Place this provocative and arrogant slogan in the context of the highly frustrating Covid19 lockdown situation and the duo’s difficult and extended physical separation of over 7000 km across the Atlantic ocean, and give it a kind of futuristic dystopic flavour à la Cyberpunk 2077, and you get this stunning new club hit by DIFFUZION on which Fof merges harsh distorted noise, technoid grooves, melodic synths and Xev’s filtered possessed vocals!

With the clear determination to invade the underground club scene, DIFFUZION carefully selected artists who were each able to give a totally new dimension to this unique song through their own sonic kaleidoscope. From the old school EBM take of FIRST AID 4 SOULS to the slow and oppressive dark elektro of ACYLUM vs. AENGELDUST, through CUBIC’s twisted dancefloor take evoking dirty tonalities à la PRODIGY, the noir and groovy industrial drum’n beat of NEIKKA RPM, the icy electro dance remix by AESTHETISCHE or the claustrophobic and suffocating minimal techno of MATTHEW CREED.

The lush and upbeat remix of “The Blessed” by AESTHETISCHE nicely serves as melodic intermezzo reminding us of the more catchy and sensual techno pop side of DIFFUZION.

Play it loud and let DIFFUZION’s spell fuck with your brain!


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