Rector Scanner – Das Mädchen aus dem All EP I


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Berlin-based vintage electronic project RECTOR SCANNER (retro science-fiction pop side-project of the EBM duo AD:KEY) release today two complementary twin-EP’s under the title “Das Mädchen aus dem All”.

The EP1 edition offers us 6 new versions/remixes of tracks taken from the band’s recent and highly claimed comeback album “Radioteleskop” plus the exclusive intergalactic synthetic instrumental “Sternenschiffe”. This includes the “single” and maxi “andromendanebel” versions of the title song as well as upbeat remixes by DATAPOP and METROLAND, plus new editions of “Utopia” and the unmatchable “Epsilon Tucanae”.

RECTOR SCANNER play vintage electronic music with vocoders and German-sung synth music evoking an exciting mixture of KRAFTWERK’s robotic electronics, AND ONE’s danceable techno pop and WELLE:ERDBALL’s 80’s melodic mechanical synthpop touch.