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After some ear-catching compilation appearances, a majestic collaboration with 808 DOT POP on the upbeat “Cubic Temperature” album and an exciting first EP that brought him praising comparisons with LEFTFIELD, UNDERWORLD, LFO and ORBITAL, Belgian electro act CUBIC now deploys the first 13 letters from his electronic arsenal on the conceptual debut album “The Cubic Alphabet”.

With his new CUBIC project, Franky Deblomme (ex-DARKMEN) offers himself full artistic freedom within the wide spectrum of electronic music and distils his own eclectic influences into a fireworks display of melodic techno and 808 electro with a darkish touch of underground body music in the background.

Armed with influential references as diverse as vintage Düsseldorf synth to Berlin techno through the 90’s Manchester madness, EBM and the typical Belgian club sound style, CUBIC finds his place on the dancefloors and offers you the ultimate electronic journey fully conceived and recorded in his “Bong 13” studio, using only hardware synths, effects and drum machines…

CUBIC’s sonic identity is often characterised by a good mix of pumping 808 kicks, melodic soundscapes and Düsseldorf percussion all spiced up with hypnotic synths and mind blowing reverb. But the album also reveals other genre explorations like on the track “E”, a pure club hit evoking 90’s trance with a cutting edge à la KÖLSH, the more breakbeat oriented cut “T” and its ORBITAL-like addictive vocal melodic lines, the dark techno pearl “S” and its lush rolling bass lines reinforcing its overall somber atmosphere or yet “G” and its rough and hammering techno body assault evoking GESAFFELSTEIN and other TERENCE FIXMER.

The time has come for you to start decoding CUBIC’s very own multi-layered interpretation of the alphabet by dancing to these hi-energy first 13 sonic letters… This is the Belgian after-club sound that will set the tone to your electro dance parties and elevate you to the CUBIC dimension. Consume it without moderation and at maximum volume.

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