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After 2 years of exciting sonic adventures, Belgian electronic artist Franky Deblomme announces the forthcoming release of CUBIC’s new studio album that will offer an exploding cocktail of 808 drums, KRAFTWERK percussions, 80’s floppy discs and other vintage personal computer souvenirs…

In order to best prepare your ears for this new pure electronic bliss, CUBIC now releases this 4-track EP “c64” evoking nothing but the good old Commodore 64 computer – nostalgia!

The opening track “TITT” sets the tone and can somehow be described as a classic electro track with its mix of 808 style drums, a dreiklangsdimensionen snare, lots of HQ percussion sounds, analog basslines and vocoder voices. Electro boogie at its best! “OFFLINE” comes next with a more distorted sound and a hard hitting kick and its cool “Novation “bass station 2” synth feel, inviting us to all go offline in the mad mad computer world we all live in… “Art In” and its 4/4 kicks, effective bassline (Analogue Solutions ‘Fusebox synth) and classic Moog Sub 37 patch as lead sound takes us back to the sound of THE HACKER or yet COMMUTER! While the final cut “B C L” (standing for Basic Computer Language) is a sort of homage to the master of electro Anthony Rother with its 90’s like bassline made with the Modor NF-1, probably the only synthesizer ever made in Belgium!

As always with CUBIC’s distinctive sound, all tracks have been created using hardware gear only. “Nothing beats the fun of twiddling knobs”, says Franky Deblomme.

This is the sound of C-UBIC.