Cubic – Phonic Lessons Part 3 EP


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If you overlooked the previous (synth-)phonic lessons, CUBIC is now organising a 3rd remedial session you simply can’t miss!

3rd chapter in his conceptual sonic alphabet approach, the Belgian artist rolls out his freestyle electronic danceable assaults with grace and majesty across this new 5-track EP. The opening and previously unreleased track “Q” sets the tone of this very club-oriented release and reveals a very addictive spoken female voice on carrying electronics, evoking ANNE CLARK’s vox on an ORBITAL or 808 STATE tune! And the rave goes on with the hypnotic “12 inch edit” of the album song “S”, a true dark techno pearl with lush rolling bass lines. “S” is also featured later in a darker and harder “cherry mix” version plunging us back in the good old Belgian Cherry Moon club-life sounds from the mid 90’s… CUBIC then reinforces the mesmerising touch of the journey with a totally revamped “12 inch edit” of one of the most favourite songs from “The Cubic Alphabet” album: the letter “E” whose highly catchy melodic synths perfectly match the extra beats and sounds that carry us in an uplifting extended dancefloor trance. And this remedial session would not deserve its title without a groovy club mix of the unmatchable “F” and its sexy French & English (teaching) vocal samples…

With his new CUBIC project, Franky Deblomme (ex-DARKMEN) offers himself full artistic freedom within the wide spectrum of electronic music and distills his own eclectic influences into a fireworks display of melodic techno, minimal synth pop and 808 electro with a darkish touch of underground body music in the background.

Crisp, phat and punchy: this is the sound of C…UBIC.
Vintage hardware electronic rave music at its best.