Cubic – Exit – Frankfurt EP


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Like Belgian artist Franky Deblomme always claimed with his CUBIC project, he distils his own eclectic influences within the wide spectrum of electronic music into a fireworks display of melodic techno, minimal synth pop and 808 electro with a darkish touch of underground body music in the background.

With this new “Exit” series, CUBIC demonstrates that the influential view that “man is the product of his environment”, so forcefully stated by Hippocrates, can also apply to musicians.

On this first chapter “Exit: Frankfurt”, CUBIC revisits his past influences and tributes the city of Frankfurt (Germany) that so much influenced his personal music tastes and therefore influenced and shaped the foundation of his music.

“The sonic output from Frankfurt in the 90’s was a big influence: labels such as Harthouse and EYE Q, techno clubs like The Omen and Dorian Gray. It was techno, it was a culture, but more intense and different than the Belgian way of doing it”, Remembers Franky. “Still to this day the German sound is an inspiration”, he adds.

The first track “Asteroids” is a funky groovy track with a definite Der Dritte Raum feel to it. Space sound effects, colliding bass lines and female vocals… somehow all characteristics of classic CUBIC tune! “Impact 2023” has a darker tone, more stripped down with a shadowy mood, sometimes evoking the style of Extrawelt in a more club orientated perspective. And that’s not a surprise that this track then gets remixed by another talented Belgian act (NEVEL) giving it a techno body music dimension. And finally “Wieder im Keller” starts as an experimental and almost modular sounding minimal piece of music until the kick drops and sees it evolving layer after layer into a more funky groovy mind-blowing techno track!

Crisp, phat and punchy: this is the sound of C…UBIC.

Ready for the next exit after these good old Techno Club memories? I got my ticket to the next destination!