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Belgian electronic artist Franky Deblomme is set to unleash CUBIC’s highly anticipated “Back To Basic” album, following the release of two tantalizing 2-track EPs titled “c64” and “c128” paying homage to the iconic Commodore computers. This musical journey promises an explosive fusion of 808 drums, KRAFTWERK percussions, and nostalgic 80’s computer vibes (personal computers, floppy disks, and basic computer language programming).

CUBIC’s latest offering stays true to its roots, relying solely on hardware synths, drum computers, and effects featuring relentless basslines, vocoder voices, and 4/4 kicks – the unmistakable sound of C-UBIC.

The opening track, “Computer Alphabet,” not only sets the tone but also serves as a nod to the first CUBIC full album, “The CUBIC Alphabet.” Vocals are delivered by the iconic Speak and Spell computer from Mattel, adding a touch of retro charm. Classic electro tracks pay homage to the genre’s resurgence in the 90s channelling influences from Anthony Rother, Dopplereffect, and Cybotron., while modern twists in ‘ART INN’ and ‘Pleasure Machine’ blend electro, techno, and EBM.

“Back To Basic” also boasts the unique use of the first Belgian Drumcomputer (Modor DR2) and its synthesizer counterpart (Modor NF1), complemented by an arsenal of hardware gear allowing CUBIC to create a unique sonic palette that transcends boundaries, setting the tone for an electrifying future.

This is the unmistakable and timeless sound of C-UBIC – a sonic experience not to be missed.

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