Cubic – c128 EP


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Before the release of the new “Back To Basic” full length album, CUBIC comes out with a second 4-track EP. Titled after the legendary Commodore C128, this EP is the obvious logical successor to the previous “c64” EP.

The new EP features exclusive club oriented and extended versions of “Art In” and “Human Computer”. While “MF2HD” is an exclusive non-album track, CUBIC takes us by surprise by releasing a powerful EBM/industrial dance mix of “B C L” by label-mates DIFFUZION reminding us of the diversity of CUBIC’s electronic sound.

Belgian electronic artist Franky Deblomme announces the forthcoming release of CUBIC’s new studio album that will offer an exploding cocktail of 808 drums, KRAFTWERK percussions, 80’s floppy discs and other vintage personal computer souvenirs…

Effective basslines, vocoder voices, percussion sounds and 4/4 kicks: this is the sound of CUBIC.