Aengeldust – Zucht EP


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What a beautiful fxxking day: the AENGELDUST bitch strikes back with another 13-track EP – another terrific hour of pure industrial brutality! While her “Agent Orange” album is still heavily atomizing the underground dancefloors, Nadine “Cooraz” Engel (also known for her work with ACYLUM and TOTEM OBSCURA) adds here another layer of machine noise with 3 new massive exclusive tracks: the boiling “Zucht”, the oppressive and hammering “Fxxking Day” and the dark lobotomizing “Kampftrauma”. “Fahnenträger” then gets the remix/featuring treatment from the intriguing acts, KILL THE SLEEPER, PARASITE OF GOD and a dancefloor smash-hit version is delivered by ANTIBIOSIS. And that’s not all: besides 3 more remixes of the mega-hit “Suicide Bomber”, the band also signed 2 bonus remixes of the powerful “Agent Orange” while Belgian KILMARTH offers a noir atmospheric ending to this EP. Last but not least, we will also notice a brilliant retake of “Genose Tod” by apocalyptic ear-terrorists and label-mates SIVA SIX. 

“Zucht” confirms that AENGELDUST has definitely found the perfect balance between her uncompromising heavy industrial noise influences and her taste for aggressive dark elektro assaults, delivering highly addictive hypnotik elektro noizz tormented by repetitive provocative voice samples. 

AENGELDUST stands for harsh elektro industrial to play at MAXIMUM volume. Your neighbours will love it: “What the fxxk is wrong with you people?”. 


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