Acylum – Venom EP


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While the “Pest” album continues its invasion without any disguise and generates panic reactions in the darkest industrial clubs across the world, the ACYLUM devastating machine returns to spit its ”Hate” and “Venom” in your face through a surprise Doppelganger sonic attack loaded with some 19 tracks in total split across two simultaneously released complementary EPs…

Shot one… comes “Venom”! 
An aggressive, dirty and suffocating brand new track featuring ACYLUM’s dense and lingering slow-paced darkish side in its original version which gets augmented with 8 alternative remixes including a massive club version by DJ ELE or yet a splendid retake by legendary German duo PSYCHIC FORCE. Add to this the other exclusive cut “Sueños Rotos” featuring guest vocals by Carlos Ruiz (frontman of DIOXYDE, ASSEPTIC ROOM…).

Shot two… comes “Hate”! 
“Pest’s most club oriented song “Born To Be Hated” gets delivered in 5 new versions ranging from VENAL FLESH’s tortured somber elektro retake to DJ SIMON CARTER’s banging club mix! Add to this two remixes of each, “My Knife” and “Pest”, and you rapidly realize that this doppelganger comes highly recommended to all dark elektro DJ’s and the true ACYLUM militants… Other featured remixers include LLUMEN, VV303, PROJECT ERRATIC, XENTRIFUGE, FIRST BLACK POPE & VISCERA DRIP


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