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Many discovered HAUSHETAERE through Nadine Cooraz’s collaborations with the harsh elektro act ACYLUM where she brought melody and femininity to Pedro Engel’s devastating orchestral electronic arrangements. Since then both German artists rapidly felt the magic growing between them and they let that unique creative flow unite their tormented minds… they let the machines speak. 

The German couple now presents us HAUSHETAERE’s debut CD “Syndicate”, a very eclectic album with no conceptual limits, including influences ranging from Electro, Industrial, Pop and Hip Hop. A surprising mélange of genres and influences with the guiding red line of the angry and revolted personality of frontwoman Nadine Cooraz Engel. On this rich cocktail of opposites, HAUSHETAERE manage to jump from extreme harsh noisy elektro (“Rotes Sofa”, the intoxicating “Rauschgift” or yet the bombastic “Sunshine is my destroyer”) to dark melodic moody pop (The Game, “Hetaere”, etc.) with a disturbing facility and a deviant touch. 

The German duo has also broken all scene boundaries by collaborating in studio with the famous Aggro Berlin rapper Joe Rilla who’s performance on “Believe” creates a bridge between Hip Hop and Elektro! “Syndicate” is a multi-colored release full of melodic angst and fragile darkness that can be seen as the extreme sonic mixture of BLUTENGEL versus PZYCHOBITCH, or MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO versus COMBICHRIST.

This limited deluxe carton box edition includes the bonus “remix album “Syndicus” presenting some 13 reinterpretations of album songs by various artists in the likes of LEAETHER STRIP, ACYLUM, C-LEKKTOR, DARKMEN, DOLLS OF PAIN, AD INFERNA, and others.

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