Acylum – Sieg oder Walhalla EP


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After over 5 years of isolation in their bunker, the sulphurous duo of Pedro “ACYLUM” Engel and Nadine “COORAZ” Engel drag us one more time on the battlefield and bring us close to the overall bloody atmosphere of hatred, violence, terror and war.

“Victory or Valhalla was the motto one thousand years ago”, says Pedro Engel. “Today it’s even more true than ever! We all get pushed into corners when we don’t want to stand, opinions get imposed on us even when we don’t share them…”.

“So there is nothing left for us to do but switch to attack mode and follow the steps of our ancestors!”, adds Nadine Cooraz, holding her fist in the air…

This new 7-track EP “Sieg oder Walhalla” announces ACYLUM’s forthcoming album “Kampf dem Verderb” that will be released in early 2021. It offers a first peak into the sound direction taken by the barbarian hellektro duo: rough and powerful, hammering and almost deviant, the new tracks also reveal a subliminal catchiness and melodic approach through noise that reinforce their addictive force. Our daily orgy of violence translated and distilled through boiling synth machines, oppressive (mostly German) vocal samples and aggressive distorted vocals.

On their march towards the battlefield, ACYLUM crush everything on their way, strong of the solid partners  in crime accompanying them in their assault: PROJECT ERRATIC, SIN D.N.A., STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET, WOLFCHILD, SECOND ATTACK & ADEONESIS…


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