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After some ear-challenging releases with their side-projects TOTEM OBSCURA and AENGELDUST, plus the publication of rare early demo material through the “Filthy Memories” series, the sulphurous duo of ACYLUM serve us the wealthy successor of “Pest” with their 6th studio album entitled “Kampf Dem Verderb”.


On this 12-track album, Pedro “ACYLUM” Engel and Nadine “COORAZ” Engel drag us one more time on the battlefield and bring us close to the overall bloody atmosphere of hatred, violence, terror and war. Faithful to their provocative approach, ACYLUM do not hesitate confronting humanity once again with its miserable existence, placing it in front of a mirror and challenging all of us to stand up strong beyond our ideas and own beliefs rather than getting preconceived concepts and opinions fed to us, pushing us into corners where we don’t feel comfortable to sit.


Musically, ACYLUM fans will recognize the barbarian hellektro duo’s characteristic sound: rough and powerful, hammering and almost deviant, but the new tracks also reveal a subliminal catchiness and melodic approach through noise that reinforces their addictive force. Our daily orgy of violence and cowardice translated and distilled through boiling synth machines, oppressive (mostly German) vocal samples and aggressive distorted vocals.  Besides a heavy load of new harsh hammering dark elektro club hits, we will also notice an impressive multi-lingual collaboration effort with 6 other bands on the remake of the band’s classic song “The Enemy” as well as the icy and oppressive “Masquerade” evoking a jamming session between :WUMPSCUT: and HAUS ARAFNA around the hot thematic of the Covid19 pandemic.


The first edition of this album is released as a deluxe double-CD digipak edition, revealing the amazing deviant and noir art of talented Japanese designer Tomoki Hayasaka ( and offering some 14 exclusive bonus remixes by SUICIDE COMMANDO, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, IMPLANT, AESTHETISCHE, MENTAL EXILE, NANO INFECT, ASSEPTIC ROOM, ICE AGES, LARVA, ADVENT RESILIENCE, PROJECT ERRATIC, DIRTY K, SCHWARZSTERN and DAVID BLACKSTAR.

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