Acylum – Filthy Memories – Part 2


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Forced to confinement like most of us during 2020’s global Covid19 pandemic, the Engel gang seized the opportunity to go on a nostalgic sonic quest, rediscovering ACYLUM old recordings, rare collaborations and other unreleased early demo tracks… A fruitful excavation that brought the idea to compile a second edition of the “Filthy Memories” series and share some 20 well-hidden jewels with the ACYLUM army of fans and entertain them with dirty dark elektro moments and offer them some sonic escape from our daily confinement situation.

Another interesting back-to-the-roots exploration, sometimes quite far away from the stunning sound production force and recording skills that ACYLUM has reached today, but definitely worth the experience, and above all reminding us how rough, angry, dark and powerful ACYLUM was already sounding like back in the day. The beats are heavy and pounding, the vocal samples are already vicious and omnipresent, the vocals are harsh and incisive and the melodic lines shine by their noir melancholy.

We will also notice interesting collaborations with artists like Wynardtage, Animassacre, Darkmen, Haushetaere, Davantage, Polarlicht or yet May-Fly.

With an impressive discography under his belt, ACYLUM can proudly contemplate his legacy to the dark elektro genre. Throughout the years, ACYLUM has become an unavoidable reference in the scene, often described as a devastating sonic machine ingeniously blending harsh powerful assaults with suffocating oppressive bombastic orchestral arrangements. A band also known for its confronting provocations, making no artistic compromise, a band that we either love or hate – nothing in between!

“Filthy Memories – part 2” is dedicated to the evergrowing and very faithful ACYLUM army of fans and will help the hardcore fanbase in their long wait until the new much anticipated studio album “Kampf Dem Verderb” comes out this Autumn 2020. Countdown until the next ACYLUM noize assault!


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