Acylum – Kalashnikov EP


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Na zdrowie, comrades! The sulphurous duo of ACYLUM strike back for a terrible celebration: Michail Timofejewitsch Kalashnikov brought the world on a one way journey with his evil invention (the AK-47). Since then, it has been making hundreds of thousands of victims and with the renewed outbreak of war in Europe since 2022 more victims keep falling day after day…

With their renowned frontal provocative attitude, ACYLUM question you whether it’s time to celebrate the creator or blame human’s neverending stupidity. When shall we ever learn from our mistakes?

With the harsh and hammering “Tears Of Blood” and the oppressive, sombre and lingering title-track “Gulag – Kalashnikov”, ACYLUM blow a devastating icy blast and plunges us into the intolerable atmosphere of cold war and gulags. A first glimpse on the band’s forthcoming album “Zuchthaus” that is announced as ACYLUM’s darkest and craziest release ever. Watch out!

We will also notice the strong contribution of the following remixers on this 7-track EP: :WUMPSCUT:, WAJIDAN, 13TH ANGEL, ELEKTROSTAUB and MISERIA ULTIMA.

Na zdrowie, mazel tov – Gulag, Kalashnikov!