Unter Null – Moving on 2CD (Japanese Edition)


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Japanese label ‘Deathwatch Asia’ is now releasing a special Japanese edition of UNTER NULL’s new album “Moving On”. A very rare and limited double-CD 6-pannel digipak edition with totally revamped design for the occasion and a bunch of exclusive previously unreleased tracks and remixes on the bonus disc “re:moved” (CEDIGEST, genCAB, XP8, SUNAO INAMI, BAKI-SHO-JI, SHIV-R, CERVELLO ELETTRONICO, C-LEKKTROR).


  1. Journey to Descent
  2. Moving On
  3. Broken Heart Cliche
  4. The Fall
  5. Godless
  6. I Can’t Be the One
  7. Visceral, Venom of My Being
  8. Tear Down the Walls
  9. Hypocrite and Contradict
  10. Third Party
  11. The Mercy Seat


  1. Obligatory Club Hit To Appease The Masses
  2. I Can’t Be The One (DE_TOT_COR mix)
  3. Godless (hard dance remix by STUDIO-X)
  4. I Can’t Be the One (torment mix by EX.ES)


  1. Monster
  2. Visceral, Venom Of My Being (CEDIGEST Remix)*
  3. Moving On (ESSENCE OF MIND Remix)
  4. Broken Heart Cliche (ALIEN VAMPIRES Remix)
  5. Monster (genCAB Remix)*
  6. Hypocrite And Contradict (XP8 Remix)*
  7. I Can’t Be The One (DYM Remix)
  8. Broken Heart Cliche (HEX RX Remix)
  9. I Can’t Be The One (SUNAO INAMI Remix)*
  10. Broken Heart Cliche (FREAKANGEL Remix)
  11. Hypocrite And Contradict (BAKI-SHO-JI Remix)*
  12. I Can’t Be The One (SHIV-R Remix)*
  13. Moving On (ACYLUM Remix)
  14. Monster (CERVELLO ELETTRONICO Remix)*
  15. Godless (SIVA SIX Remix)
  16. Tear Down The Walls (C-LEKKTOR Remix)*
  17. *exclusive previously unreleased

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