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The cutting-edge duo of STUDIO-X vs.  Simon Carter serves us their second album taking us at full speed on a hi-energy futuristic journey through the star systems…

While the release of their recent appetizer-EP “Dance With Me ‘Dance With The Devil’” might have made us expect a harsher and darker EBM/industrial album than its predecessor with its hard-hitting dark dancefloor feel and harsh male vocals, this new full length release also nicely reminds us that the collaboration between UK artist/DJ Simon Carter and Australia’s trance dance studio guru Lawrie Masson is above all based on a creative eclectic combination of modern music styles guided by a straight dancefloor approach.

So whilst the darker crowds will for sure love the powerful “Shooting At The Stars”, the true hard-dance/industrial cross-over track “Lies”, or yet the thunderous upbeat techno-EBM track “Your Solar Eclipse”, the duo also dares to explore more commercial sounding arrangements accompanied by female vocals on the opening melancholic and highly emotional dance pop song “Lonely”, the upbeat dance/pop track “Stronger (Dream With Me)”, and the astounding commercial vibes of “Traitor“ all featuring the lovely voice of TRIX.  Exploring deeper still, there is the potential radio-hit and highly addictive melody of “Sunrise”, the band’s most commercial electro-pop track ever written, together with the soothing, emotional EDM track “Blind” supported by hypnotizing spoken female synthesized vocals.

Other dancefloor favourites will no doubt be “Forever Alone Lost and Unknown” with its robotic vocals clashing perfectly with its futuristic sound, the uplifting well-crafted electro-dance cut “More Than This”, the straight techno track “Moving On” and its more than appropriate and wonderfully implemented samples, or yet the infectious encounter of THE WILD WEST meets TUBULAR BELLS on “Connecting The Dots” which delivers a truly explosive dancefloor experience.

Slower moments are also guaranteed by the more technoid track “The Storm Of Life”, and the catchy analogue oldskool sounding “Sacrifice Me” as well as “Whatever Next”, a jazzy little dance number with its combination of technoid sounds and melancholic female spoken vocals, is surely the perfect way to finish off an astonishingly breathtaking album.

The sound, style, complexity, multiple sound manipulations and the journey for the listener is completely unique, no one else offers this sort of emotive, powerful and danceable dark-electro music, definitely a DJ’s dream album, there’s more than something for everyone here and each and every track is dancefloor friendly.  With so many electronic dance music genres covered we leave the audience asking, whatever next?!  So, let’s explore this carefully crafted musical universe by STUDIO-X vs. Simon Carter and see where the journey takes us, as together we are, Ad Astra Volantis (flying to the stars)…

Hardcore fans, club fanatics and DJ’s will enjoy discovering the “Bonus Tracks” digital edition of the album (see below) revealing  5 (!!) exclusive unreleased bonus tracks augmented with some 13 additional alternative versions and remixes by artists like C-LEKKTOR, AESTHETISCHE, VENAL FLESH, PRE:EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1, BINARY DIVISION and many more…

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