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Named after the Ancient Greek Goddess of the Night, “Nyx” is the stunning new digital-only release by cult dark elektro / industrial duo SIVA SIX! Born from Chaos, a shadowy figure, Nyx stood at the beginning of creation and mothered other personified deities such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death). Nyx was a character of such exceptional power and beauty that even Zeus feared her!

This time “Nyx” brings us one step further into the apocalyptic concept of SIVA SIX’s last studio album “Dawn Of Days”. Some 17 unique artists reinterpret SIVA SIX’s apocalyptic visions. Each respective remixer had to fight with their own monsters and chose their own paths… Where does one head to after facing his own self? How do people deal with the apocalypse of the spiritual world? And what will be the next steps? Beware of the Night that may come next and reveal all the truth, the burden is hard, and never forget that you are not alone in this life-trip… Some paths are lead by Death and other delusions that the Night is full of, others are guided towards the light… But who will be mesmerized by the ultimate beauty and the explosive power that draw you into eternal sleep?

Let the story begins, featuring the dark industrial metal monster-minds FREAKANGEL, the Mexican dancefloor heroes C-LEKKTOR, the infamous techno DJ and renown producer Christian Cambas, the premium French harsh industrial band A-7IE, Belgium’s METROLAND and their unique nostalgic 80’s sound, other American label-mates VENAL FLESH and their edgy dark sound, the astonishing technoir / retro wave remix of CYBORGDRIVE, TECHNOLORGY and their great electro / synth dance floor remix, Greek surrealistic musician Anna Stereopoulou and her chaotic remix, the top notch remix by THE DEAD FOR A WHILE, Dutch WOLFCHILD and their nightmarish dark elektro style, the powerful German TBM newcomer ANTIBODY, guitarist Jimmy Tott for a sentimental analogue post/rock epic remix, Sakis Darkface with his cinematic masterpiece remix, Berlin based UNHUMAN and his ritual techno, IN MISERY’s brilliant hypnotising dark electro chant and last but not least, as final bonus track, ANAKIN LIGHTNING remixes one of SIVA SIX’s most unique tracks “Nemesis” from the previous “Superstition” EP a track no one until now had dared to remix…

Nyx has now definitely taken control of the noir dancefloors until eternity.


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