SD-KRTR – Retro Electro Wave – The Remixes


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While UK DJ Simon D. Carter is releasing the “Lost In Time” debut-album of his new exciting dance pop solo-project SD-KRTR, he also prepared us an amazing collection of retro wave remixes of some 24 songs selected from his own repertoire across his various projects. 

Wow! Here we get to experience no less than 24 tracks, completely remixed and transformed from their original electro / dance / industrial form into what can only be described as a magical musical tour of Retro Electro 80‘s sounds and Synthwave music. 

Inspired by the recent resurgence in 80’s inspired Synthwave sounds emanating from instrumental themes for such hit tv shows such as Netflix’s Stranger Things, here we hear similar sounds accompanied by catchy and thought-stirring vocals – Some in vocoder form, others clean and clear and a variety of male, female and even some vocaloid vocals. 

Some fan favourites are amongst the tracks getting the remix treatment, not least ‘Gone ‘Together Again’’, ‘Reasons’, ‘Love Changes Everything’ and ‘Stronger’. You will love the upbeat sound and energy in tracks such as ‘The Future’ (it really is so dreamy!) and ‘Return to Eternity’ where the original spoken vocals resonate throughout the track accompanied by lovely 80’s drums and synths. Also worthy of mention is ‘Cry’ where in its original form is a slow melancholic track yet in this remixed state sounds positively bubbly and optimistic. While tracks such as ‘Particles of Love’ and ‘Don’t Let Go’ now contain an even more uncanny sci-fi sound again paying homage to their original incarnations. 

This album breathes fresh, new life into some already delightful tracks offering a wonderful alternative to their original form and allowing us to hear some STUDIO-X vs. SIMON CARTER and SD-KRTR tracks in a retro state. 

To really appreciate and for the truly immersive synth listening experience, headphones are fully recommended! 


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