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Back in March 2017, UK techno/breakbeat DJ Simon D. Carter unleashed SD-KRTR – His new exciting solo-project with the successful club hit “Rise” EP. Today, our studio guru and worldwide renowned club song producer is proudly revealing his full length album “Lost In Time”, teaming up with half-a-dozen high-profile female vocalists who give soul to his thought stirring lyrics…Coming from quite diverse horizons, these Diva’s are magically providing a soul to Simon’s machines, offering a futuristic cocktail of modern dancefloor techno trance with an emotional alt-pop touch and a slightly melancholic edge.

This debut album offers you a timeless journey through sound taking you from catchy upbeat energetic synthpop songs (“The Only One”, “Looking At You”, “The Girl From The Station”) to poignant heartfelt slower tracks with some breakbeat and disco elements (“A thought Lost in Time”, “Don’t Go”, “You’ll Never Stray”, “Cry”). But SD-KRTR of course also stands for club-friendly dance-floor slammers with catchy choruses and these are duly delivered courtesy of outright club hits such as “Rise”, “Eternity” and  “Dreams”. We also notice the “Naphill Atrebas” intermezzo’s which reinforce the sound diversity of this opus, a series of trance instrumental powerhouse tracks nicely fusing some stunning melodic piano-driven breakdowns with exploding blissful dance synths and sensual beats and rhythms.

With his SD-KRTR project, Simon D. Carter is truly breaking new ground, writing slightly more commercial and pop-esque songs than he ever has so far, whilst still very much remaining electro based and hard driven. An album particularly recommended for open-minded fans of synthpop and dance/trance who will surely enjoy this cocktail of edgy modern electronics, alluring catchy female vocals and emotional catchiness.
So lay back, close your eyes and enjoy the journey that SD-KRTR takes you on, OR just let it all go, stand-up and throw your hands up in the air and just get “Lost In Time”… 

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