Saeldes Sanc vs. Schwarzblut – Virginis Memoriae EP


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This split-single embodies the unique collaboration between two talents: SAELDES SANC and SCHWARZBLUT: the fusion of two universes sharing similar roots and origins.

The Medieval-Gothic Folk Ensemble SAELDES SANC is the solo-project of Hannah Wagner who is also known for her enchanting vocal performance with HELIUM VOLA together with Ernst Horn (DEINE LAKAIEN). SCHWARZBLUT (full name: Die goetheanistische Tonkunstgesellschaft Schwarzblut) is a Dutch Gesamstkunstwerk, a collective work of art, based on historic German poetry and carried by organic-electronic music.

Both Hannah (SAELDES SANC) and Zeon (SCHWARZBLUT) share a passion for ancient languages and romantic poetry that they enjoy transforming into genuine melancholic compositions carrying you away into a dreamworld of grandeur…

Captivated by Hannah’s enormous talent both as a composer and performer, Zeon approached her for a possible collaboration. “Before I knew, I found myself working on a remix of ‘Virginis Memoriae’”, says SCHWARZBLUT’s mastermind.  “I picked that song because of its beautiful melodies and emotional vocal performance. (…) My aim was to put Hannah’s voice in a new organic-electronic context, while keeping the atmosphere and drama of her operatic performance.”

“When I first heard the remix, it was quite bombastic for me”; says Hannah Wagner; “SAELDES SANC and electronic sounds? That was something completely new for me! I didn’t know what to expect from the remix before I heard it, but I was really gobsmacked when the deep basses of the SCHWARZBLUT remix provided a rich background to the soft sounds of SAELDES SANC. It’s fascinating for me to listen to the SCHWARZBLUT version of one of my personal oldest songs and to feel invited to dance by the intense rhythms of this remix.”

Next to this splendid collaboration, SCHWARZBLUT also seize the opportunity to present a new song from the recording sessions of their forthcoming 4th studio album, which relates in many points to SAELDES SANC’s universe: “Both ‘Virginis Memoriae’ and ‘Lied der Freiheit’ contain old languages, being Latin and Old Lower Franconian.  Both songs have strong female characters taking the lead vocal parts. Both songs also present themselves as statements of artistic individuality and freedom.”

The 2-track single is available for download now from Bandcamp, see player below.


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