Rector Scanner – Fluormenschen EP


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Strong from the positive resonance received for the release of their comeback album “Radioteleskop” and its various related EP releases, Berlin-based vintage electronic project RECTOR SCANNER (retro science-fiction pop side-project of the EBM duo AD:KEY) today release a brand new EP announcing another sonic mission into space!

Andrea and Rene Nowotny once again put on their cosmonaut suits for new exciting extraterrestrial adventures. “RECTOR SCANNER phone home” and tell us new stories of peaceful encounters with outerspace species behind a wall of glass…

This 8-track new EP “Fluormenschen” reveals 3 new songs plus self-made remixes, including more dancefloor EBM-pop oriented versions by their alter-ego project AD:KEY while Belgian label mates 808 DOT POP also contribute with a vintage-synth-pop remix of the title song.

RECTOR SCANNER play vintage electronic music with vocoders and German-sung synth music evoking an exciting mixture of KRAFTWERK’s robotic electronics, AND ONE’s danceable techno pop and WELLE:ERDBALL’s 80’s melodic mechanical synthpop touch.