Rector Scanner – Der Dichter Und Die Frau EP


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Founded in 1997,RECTOR SCANNER is the first project of Berlin-based artist Rene Nowotny who focused all his energy over the last years on his more EBM-oriented band AD:KEY together with his wife Andrea.

This new EP announces RECTOR SCANNER’s 3rd studio album “Radioteleskop“ and reveals new material for the very first time after some 15 years of dormancy…

Since its origins, RECTOR SCANNER always inscribed its sonic approach in the tradition of his forefathers of the electronic music genre like KRAFTWERK. RECTOR SCANNER plays retro science-fiction pop music and invite you to dance electronically to their addictive catchy and almost mechanical tunes. Human vocals meet synthetic vocoders, clinking synthesizers play minimal percolating melodies while robotic rhythms get your body in movement in no time…

Questioning the master / slave relation between robots and humans, between men and women… the new RECTOR SCANNER songs should please all fans of vintage electronic music with vocoders as well as German-sung synth pop music like WELLE:ERDBALL, AND ONE and more.

We will also notice the perfectly fitting design work by artist, illustrator and theatre actor Thomas Franke.


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