Psy’Aviah – Hope EP


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Belgian act PSY’AVIAH invites us taking one more step during this Season’s Greetings period of the year with a very catchy and dynamic song. The aptly titled “Hope” shines and radiates positive energy with its trip-pop groove and Addie Nicole’s highly expressive vocals. And these two sentences taken from the song’s chorus simply say it all: “…’cause where there’s hope there’s light to fuel us. And where there’s light there’s life before us…”. The club trance versions of genius KGPROJECT come and reinforce the song’s message and carry this uplifting tune to the dancefloor.

Like all of us, Yves Schelpe is also always dancing on the duality of life, looking at things from different angles, standing in the middle of falling down and finding strength to boost and renew power. With this new exclusive song “Rain In The City”, PSY’AVIAH reminds us that Christmas is for too many of us a gloomy period, missing our lost loved ones or struggling against our depressive loneliness. For these people there is no magic snow at Christmas, but just rain in the city, in the house, in the heart… A slow, darkish, almost noir moody breakbeat electro song that could not have been better sung than by Lis Van den Akker who expresses the emotional depth of this lamentation ambient song with tears in her eyes.

PSY’AVIAH wishes you all, the best of “Hope” for the new year in our never ending “Soul Searching” adventure on Earth we call “life”.


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