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Spring 2014 will see the full blast release of the 8th studio album from German cult-act PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE. A much anticipated release since last year’s ass-kicking “Control” EP and video clip. Claus Kruse clearly confirms with this new release that PNE returns to its basic harsh EBM roots (anno “Transmission”). With “Therapy” he brings you to the edge of sonic violence and aggression. The ripping basslines, hammering beats, fast dark electro sequences, powerful angry male vocals and carrying electronic melodies become the therapy and the sonic torture that eventually makes your day! When played at maximum level, the harsh distortion and rage attacks turn torture into addiction. “There is no wrong, there is no right: just me, my hate and I…” shouts Claus Kruse high and loud. Veteran PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE is absolutely back in electro-land for the ultimate pleasure of his faithful hardcore fanbase who will celebrate with him his 25 years of existence! Claus Kruse also enjoyed underlining the old school retro-approach concept of this new album in the judicious and precise selection of remix collaborations being from AD:KEY, SUICIDE COMMANDO, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS and SERPENTS on the main disc.

In addition, there’s an astounding bonus disc of this deluxe carton box version of “Therapy” offerering a true festival of remixes from figures who played an important role in PNE’s career or have been closely following his steps: NO MORE, PANKOW, VOMITO NEGRO, PSYCHE, NOTSTANDSKOMITEE, PSYCHIC FORCE, TYSKE LUDDER, TECHNOIR, CYBER, etc.

Under the urging pressure of all PNE fans, we also decided to offer an exclusive carton sleeve physical version of the “Control” EP to all fans buying the limited edition box of “Therapy” via the Alfa Matrix e-shop or via the band’s merchandising stand! Grab it before it’s too late!

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