Plastic Noise Experience – Reiz und reaktion 2CD


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Just before celebrating 20 years of a steady and uncompromised Plastic Noise Experience legendary German artist Claus Kruse delivers his 7th album, some 4 years after his last successful studio effort “Maschinenmusik” which was followed by the fully rerecorded best of release “Dead Or Alive” in 2006. PNE unleashes 10 straight-kick-ass new songs in the purest of old school electronic style. Fat basslines, impulsive beats, noise attitude and “less is more” melodic lines. 

“Reiz und Reaktion” also features 5 bonus remixes by SUICIDE COMMANDO, LEAETHER STRIP, the PNE live-crew SERPENTS, TECHNOIR, and the amazing FUAR. 

This edition of the album offers the so much in demand (and unreleased!) recordings from Claus Kruse’s project SONIC UNIT, a unique wave system with outstanding frequency results, plus the exclusive harsh elektro “select and destroy” 5-track EP. A ‘must have’ release for every true PNE fan.

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