Lovelorn Dolls – Beautiful Chaos EP


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LOVELORN DOLLS breaks free from the dreamy realms of goth pop of their latest track “Dream World”. With “Beautiful Chaos”, the Belgian band thrusts their tiny girl protagonist into a descent towards a darker world, trapping her in an asylum padded room haunted by beautifully chaotic characters. Watch the official video clip for the full experience!

This single is the second tale unleashed from LOVELORN DOLLS’ upcoming 4th album, “Deadtime Stories”, currently in the works with Italian producer Maxx Maryan from HELALYN FLOWERS/IMJUDAS.

“Beautiful Chaos” reveals a grittier and darker side of the band, featuring intense guitar riffs, twisted synth melodies, and haunting female vocals – a sonic journey influenced by bands like THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, JACK OFF JILL, or THEATRE OF TRAGEDY.

The EP comes complete with 5 bonus remixes, each delving into diverse sound universes – from minimal EBM to industrial goth and ethereal wave. Contributors include THE BREATH OF LIFE, AUDIOPYRE, ABSYNTHE OF FAITH, RESTRICTION 9, and ANTIDOTE FOR ANNIE.

“Beautiful Chaos” is an ode to love stories gone wrong, injecting some beautiful chaos into everyone’s life. “Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental”…

Check the official video for “Beautiful Chaos”.