Lovelorn Dolls – Dreamworld EP


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Brussels based duo LOVELORN DOLLS took everyone by surprise with the release of their mini-manga video clip for their delicious cover version of THE CURE’s classic song “Lullaby”.

Kristell and Bernard confirm now that the LOVELORN DOLLS are definitely back in town and reveal a brand new song where their favourite tiny girl protagonist lets us discover her “Dreamworld”, such a strangely attractive world or should we best say attractively strange world!?

Dealing with the solitude scourge in our hyperconnected society, this bittersweet goth pop song is lead by catchy joyful melodies wrapped in a constrasting veil of melancholic cold wave. Kristell’s vocals are both provocative and addictive while the guitars add that uplifting lingering touch to this beautiful tune.

And like Kristell says it, winking: “any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental”…