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Belgium’s very own female-fronted goth metal pop act LOVELORN DOLLS took a 5-year break, during which Kristell transformed into the photographer/visual artist Kristell In Wonderland, exhibiting across Europe. An experience that inspired the explosive comeback of LOVELORN DOLLS.

Back with their 4th album, “Deadtime Stories”, LOVELORN DOLLS embrace a stronger identity – creepy cute ambiance, eerie Tim Burton-esque scenes, guitar-driven sounds, catchy dark melodies, childlike synths, industrial tones, and Kristell’s distinctive voice, all boldly and fully embraced.

The title “Deadtime Stories” is a cynical play on words, referencing children’s rhymes with a dark twist. Each song delves into themes of death, endings, suicide, broken dreams, loss, and the perilous allure of fame. The artwork cover perfectly encapsulates this, depicting a lonely girl reading in a cemetery fog.

Produced by Maxx Maryan (HELALYN FLOWERS, IMJUDAS), the band also surprises with guest appearances, including DERO GOI, ex-singer of OOMPH!, in the duet “Dancing at Your Funeral,” co-produced and co-written by Goi. The other guest is VVITCHBOY, an American Gothic rapper, featured on the energetic and enchanting track “Death & Glory”.

LOVELORN DOLLS invite you to a captivating and powerful musical journey with “Deadtime Stories” that should please all fans of THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, JACK OFF JILL or yet THEATRE OF TRAGEDY.

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