Lights A.M – Surrender & Evolve EP


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With the debut-EP “Shine Our Lights”, Erlend Eilertsen (ESSENCE OF MIND) presented to us his new cinematic electronic project LIGHTS A.M and brought us on a moody music journey evoking great legendary soundtrack moments by cult artists like VANGELIS, BRIAN ENO or yet TANGERINE DREAMS, the whole haunted with Erlend’s touching highly emotional vocals…

With the new and aptly titled “Surrender & Evolve” EP, LIGHTS A.M invites us to a unique transformation experience through sound divided into 5 chapters. To be fully able to go through this virtuous positive shift, the listener must first of all accept to let things go when dealing with their own traumas and fears… It’s with such a state of mind that “Surrender & Evolve” carries us away towards an optimistic destination full of hope. It is then that the “Silent Voice” of your lost guide joins in and helps you get “Behind The Blur”, diving to the deep core of your buried emotions which urge to be released. The “Little Stars” then start shading light on the breaking point of your deep traumas and lead you to realize who you really are, going through these long lost and distant memories of yours… And it’s by looping the loop that you eventually can let go, surrender and evolve towards the unknown future, as a new reborn entity.

A self-exploring sonic journey on the frontier between spirituality, mysticism and meditation through darkish echoing atmospheric electronics from the North and emotional ethereal lyrics coming straight from the heart. An uplifting introspective cinematic experience offered by LIGHTS A.M.

It is music to listen to with your eyes closed and your heart open: let LIGHTS A.M guide you to the unknown parts of your “self”…

The Bandcamp edition of this EP holds a bonus booklet with all lyrics.


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