Lights A.M – Shine Our Lights (Bonus Tracks) EP


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LIGHTS A.M presents timeless electronic music from the North. This 6-track EP features mostly vocal based tracks with very emotional lyrics dealing with our journey towards a more heart-centered and compassionate state of being without neglecting the darker aspects of our lives.

LIGHTS A.M (read LIGHTS AFTER MIDNIGHT) produces unique and cinematic electronic music evolving into melodic dreamwave with a touch of ambient and 80’s electronic pop manifesting that the future is now! Influenced by instrumental and cinematic electronic music and soundtracks from the 70’s and 80’s acts like VANGELIS, BRIAN ENO and EDGAR FROESE (TANGERINE DREAMS) or some more recent works by the likes of SURVIVE, CLIFF MARTINEZ, M83, etc.

This is music coming straight from the heart of Erlend Eilertsen also known as the frontman of the electronic rock band ESSENCE OF MIND, who got into a creative bubble and created LIGHTS A.M to channel his deepest feelings, thoughts, light and dark in an emotional and uplifting way.

Exploring the mysterious, the spiritual and the unknown through ethereal atmospheric moody songs, LIGHTS A.M was nicely described at the offspring from THIS MORTAL COIL and OMD…


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