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Originally released on digital format only in July 2022, “Clouds” is the 2nd album of LIGHTS AM.
On the pressing demand of the fans, it now gets rereleased on physical format (limited carton sleeve edition).

Norwegian electronic dream-pop project LIGHTS A.M. returns with “Clouds” in 2022, a 10-track album that transports us through cotton wool ethereal soundscapes lead by Erlend Eilertsen’s (aka ESSENCE OF MIND’s frontman) moody and deeply emotional vocals.

Still quite slow and very melancholic by essence, the new songs also sound more organic, even gritty and intense sometimes thanks to the injection of elements from shoegaze and post rock into the overall dream pop compositions.

Once again, LIGHTS A.M. sheds light through his claustrophobic songs giving them a tint of hope and a deeper meaning. “It is a reflection of life and how it can feel sometimes, from everything from dark days, sleepless nights and the loss of someone close, to hope, appreciation and the feeling of connecting to everything as a part of our journey.”, says Erlend to describe his new album…

Moody darkish electronics meet ethereal indie-electronic pop for a timeless soundtrack to the journey of life that comes highly recommended to fans of the atmospheric work of artists in the likes of OMD, M83, THIS MORTAL COIL, COCTEAU TWINS, THE CURE, KITE, etc.

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