Junksista – Trust No Bitch EP


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Whether you are familiar with JUNKSISTA or not, there is only one survival motto to learn, remember and cry out loud, once confronted with their new corrosive and infectious sound: “Trust No Bitch”!

With 2 full length albums and a plethora of EP’s/singles under their belt, the controversial German duo strike back with their most aggressive, hypnotic and industrial release ever. Distorted noises, hammering bass lines and heavy beats challenge your stereo system at maximum volume! Viral and addictive, this new song is bound to become another instant club hit for the JUNKSISTA sound machine.

“Trust No Bitch” is actually taken from the band’s forthcoming mini-album “American Love Story” which is the soundtrack that JUNKSISTA scored for the award winning horror short film by talented director Timur Örge (Mumukuba). Darker and rougher than ever, this song also gets reworked in 4 radically different versions by the cyber industrial act XMH, the terror hellektro VENAL FLESH, the ambient techno RESTRICTION 9 as well as the edgy synth electro band DEKAD.

The video clip shot for “Trust No Bitch” serves as a perfect introduction to this JUNKSISTA-meets-horror journey, inspired by tension-loaded, emotional and bloody images. It nicely renders the overall aggressive and powerful vibe of the movie.

JUNKSISTA added to this single the exclusive self-bashing song “C.S.F.”, underlining once more the unique sense of humor of the band. This time questioning themselves: “What is wrong with us?”… A little provocative revenge song between mainstream funk and electro alt-pop with a touch of slut-industrial. This is C*nt Sh*t F**k!


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