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Announced by the distorted and hammering “Trust No Bitch” club single, the “American Love Story” mini-album is the soundtrack that JUNKSISTA scored for the award winning horror short film by talented director Timur Örge (Mumukuba). 

The first time that Timur talked to Diana and Boog about their potential collaboration for this soundtrack, he told them “the problem is….the deadline is in 6 hours!?”. Where most artists would have run away screaming with both arms in the air, our two crazy cats were immediately up for the challenge and created the song “Gift” right on time… the rest is history: JUNKSISTA triggered such enthusiasm with this dark and aggressive song, that Timur promptly decided to postpone the release of his movie, asking JUNKSISTA to write and produce the music for the entire film. 

JUNKSISTA’S 7 new tracks are inspired by the dense tension-loaded atmospheres and the almost deviant darkness of Mumukuba’s images. This mini-album displays the movie’s diversity running through calm, strange, violent and intensely romantic moments… also reflecting the wide music spectrum of the JUNKSISTA duo, who keep refusing to be pigeonholed in any music genre drawer. 

From the vibrating basslines and hypnotizing melody of “Rage” and the harsh industrial “Trust No Bitch” to the “Electro-on-weeds” groove of the psychedelic “Ego” and the floating ambience of “Ain’t Good For Me”, through the desperate feel of “Constant Vibration” and the retro wave-pop of “The Proposal”; JUNKSISTA captured the movie’s emotions and fused them with their very own sonic universe. 

The mini-album gets augmented by the contribution of 6 guest remixers who will certainly invade the clubs with “Trust No Bitch” and “Rage”: SIMON CARTER, KANT KINO, ACYLUM, DIFFUZION, AVARICE IN AUDIO and FLESH EATING FOUNDATION. 

Whether you are familiar with JUNKSISTA or not, there is only one survival motto to learn, remember and cry out loud, once confronted with their addictive and infectious sound: “Trust No Bitch”!


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