Junksista – Fuck for Love EP


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Controversy. Sex. Fun. Darkness: not many bands manage to polarize their listeners quite like JUNKSISTA… and they are about to do it again with their first single, taken from the new “Promiscuous Tendencies” full length album: “F**k For Love”. A powerful, James-Bondish synthpop anthem with lyrics that will penetrate your soul and a hookline that you won’t get out of your head. What is the last straw when the love is about to die but you just can’t let go? Yes, it’s sex. 

But that’s not all you’ll get. Nothing goes better with a bitching club tune than some sensual German lyrics: and this is exactly what you get with “Tip Top”, a more than worthy exclusive B-side that will shake many dancefloors to the core! 

The two exciting bonus remixes are the sweet cherries that top it all. Label mates AESTHETISCHE turned “F**k For Love” into a DJ-friendly club anthem, just as you would expect from them. While KPT delivered an artistic and sensual version of the title-track. Again, Diana S. and Boog surprise their fans with this unexpected sound. 

But then the #1 JUNKSISTA rule for any new release is: it might not be what you expected – but it’ll blow your mind just the same. “F**k For Love”… there was definitely no better way to get ready for “Promiscuous Tendencies”.


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