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Over the past few months they teased you with some strong hot dancefloor moments and hyper catchy tunes that we sang along with in no time on EP’s like “You’re My Favourite Thing To Do”, “Paranoid” and the recent Summer hit “Naked Wet Hot”. Today our crazy electro rockers of JUNKSISTA are ready to roll out their first official full length album whose title “Bad Case Of Fabulous” announces it all…

And the most surprising thing is that they sound even more versatile and eclectic on this opus than ever, a bit like a bitch slap in super slow motion… “The real thing” like the band enjoys putting it! Of course, when an old-school rocker and an electro bitch write music together, the outcome can only be explosive… and unique! Boog and Diana S. deliver the catchy and provocative electro-rock songs they are known for, but also explore new territories on this record: if the title-song “Fabulous” has a strong glam-rock feel, “Sexpectations” has such a funky touch that it even reminds you of the good old PRINCE hit-songs while the extravagant ‘”Likeyourshoes” teaches you how to pick up girls in a very bluesy way. JUNKSISTA fans should not worry! If you are looking forward to loads of sexy/amusing dirtiness, you won’t be disappointed, but be ready for pain and darkness as well! Besides the instant floorfillers “Naked Wet Hot”, “Paranoid” or yet “Liebe 2.0”, check the new highlights of this album with “Department Store”, the super melodic and dancey “All You Can Eat” or yet “Life is unfair (and love is a bitch)”, a very intense and melodic song with an irresistible groove that is bound to become their next radio single! 

Hailing from Southern Germany, the JUNKSISTA duo offers a fresh and electric mix of catchy electro tunes, sexually explicit lyrics, sensual half-sung half-spoken female vocals, funky guitar riffs and tons of bass and synthesizer filled grooves. They display a natural craziness and horny vocals that make you irresistibly shake your ass to JUNKSISTA’s tunes. Do not even try to resist to such tempting underground music you can dance and laugh to… It makes you feel so good that once you tasted it, you cannot get rid of their addictive noise-pop ever again. Relax… Enjoy… Aim for the hole!

Consume without moderation!

This deluxe carton box edition comes with some special bonus goodies and a splendid 11-track bonus disc revealing album songs in totally different approaches turning these club songs into sensual lounge tunes thanks to collaborations with MARSHEAUX, BLACK NAIL CABARET or yet RUN HITHER. The electro fans will also enjoy the more upfront remakes by label mates HELALYN FLOWERS, AESTHETISCHE, NEIKKA RPM, DIFFUZION or yet the strong floorpacking techno house remix by British act DIMENSION FLUX…

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