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German duo JUNKSISTA inaugurate their collaboration with the Alfa Matrix label with this stunning 9-track EP. “You’re My Favourite Thing To Do” confirms the explosive diversity in sound of this eclectic band which manages to mix up styles like metal, dance, industrial, pop, electro and funk to create something new and unique with that characteristic JUNKSISTA groove and its filthy touch of humour…

5 songs plus 4 bonus remixes reminding us that JUNKSISTA simply know no frontiers! They explore all forms of music ranging from indie rock to 80’s dance through laid-back electro; they can spit their dirty silly lyrics on either explosive dance anthems with a gritty bass edge or on lighter electronic pop songs. A fresh and electric mix of catchy electro tunes, sexually explicit lyrics you sing along to in no time, sensual half-sung half-spoken provocative female vocals, funky guitar riffs and tons of bass and synthesizer filled grooves. 

A crazy and burning sonic firework that makes you irresistibly shake your ass to JUNKSISTA’s tunes. They like it sexy, catchy and stylish! Do not try to resist to such tempting underground music you can dance and laugh to… It makes you feel so good that once you tasted it, you cannot get rid of their addictive noise-pop ever again. Relax… Enjoy… Aim for the hole! 

Get ready for some cunt rock!

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