Implant – Oxynoxe EP


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Before use, the label must be read.
Reminder on the proper use and safety of employment.
Read all of this leaflet carefully because it contains important information for you.
Keep this leaflet; you may need to read it again.
Digital EP.

The name of your medicine is Oxynoxe.
Subject to medical prescription.
Ask your pharmacist, doctor or Alfa Matrix label if you need more information.
It is used for the relief of short-term and intermittent ear pain.
Used during the dressing of wounds and burns.
Causes severe irritation.
Second EP from IMPLANT’s 10th album Oxynoxe-X.

Do not inhalate.
Active substance(s): electro / nitrous oxide / EBM / oxygen / industrial noise.
There are no additives to the synthesizers used for Oxynoxe.
Contains “Oxynoxe” radio edit plus 6 remixes.
You should not drive or use machinery up to twelve hours after playing Oxynoxe.
You should not give Oxynoxe to premature music fans due to its high underground music content.

Harmful in contact with other living organisms.
Common side effects are euphoria, confusion, dizziness or generalised tingling sensations.
Karl Hefner & Hugh Lagerfeld.
May cause an allergic reaction.
Do not smoke during treatment with Oxynoxe.
Oxynoxe will not affect the result of dope testing.
Do not allow naked flames in the area where you are playing your Oxynoxe.
Can cause violent ignition.

With prolonged use, side effects that may occur are problems with the ear including rupture of the ear drum, and swelling of the brain.

Keep out of the reach of children.
Premises in which Oxynoxe is frequently used must have a satisfactory ventilation system.

Cases of confusion have been reported.
Can induce vomiting.
Keep locked up.

The duration of consumption should not exceed 60 minutes continuously per day.
Use of Oxynoxe more frequently than every 4 days should be accompanied by routine blood cell counts.
The adverse effects related to the use of Oxynoxe must be notified to the pharmacovigilance network.
The cases of abuse or addiction must be notified to the addictovigilance network.
In case of overdose, consult a doctor immediately.

Inappropriate use can result in unconsciousness, passing through stages of increasing light headiness and intoxication.

If you experience any of these more serious effects or experience any other effects not mentioned in this leaflet, then contact your healthcare professional immediately.

Did you have your Oxynoxe today?
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