Die Robo Sapiens – Teufelskreis – Tanz Mit Dem Roboter EP


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Devoted Electronic Body Music followers will surely instantly identify who is hiding behind this new band project: DIE ROBO SAPIENS! 

Ladies and gentlemen, Alfa Matrix is proud to present to you today the first EP by the new ultimate EBM project by the members of one of the cult electro industrial music pioneers of all times next to KRAFTWERK and EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN: DIE KRUPPS’ very own Jürgen Engler, Ralf Dörper and Marcel Zürcher. 

Collaborating with the exceptional U.S. Electro artist JG and the ROBOTS, who also directed and can be seen in the DIE KRUPPS Video “Robo Sapien”, “Tanz Mit Dem Roboter” is a direct wink to the Düsseldorf synth origins of the band, intelligently reworked by label mates RETRO SCANNER, the unique Belgian vintage synth duo METROLAND and the uprising Swedish minimal electro pop talent of ELEKTROKLÄNGE. 

The outstanding track “Teufelskreis” reveals the harder, stronger and angrier EBM side of DIE ROBO SAPIENS, with its fat and ripping basslines, powerful German vocals and upbeat synth sequences. This new instant club hit gets remixed here by two other prominent figures from the EBM scene and Alfa Matrix label mates ARMAGEDDON DILDOS and Sebastian Komor (KOMOR KOMMANDO, ICON OF COIL…). 

A stunning hi-energy kick-ass 7-track EP giving a promising foretaste of the band’s forthcoming album “Robo Sapien Race” presenting a conceptual background about the dehumanization and technological dependency of mankind… without it you are nothing… so conform or revolt! 

T.A.N.Z… T.A.N.Z… Tanz mit DIE ROBO SAPIENS! Volle EBM Kraft Voraus!


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