ImJudas – Ritual EP


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Since the release of the “Tulpa” EP, IMJUDAS kept teasing us with various exciting compilation appearances and other collaborations. With “Ritual”, Italian artist Maxx Maryan – male half of the cult and infamous electro rock duo HELALYN FLOWERS – confirms the imminent arrival of his debut solo album “Yrjudas” scheduled for an early 2022 release.

Conceptually based on inner sense of alienation, appealing surrealistic and esoteric themes, this project carries us through a shady, cinematically ‘black and white’ world deeply rooted in the early 80’s New Wave movement and aesthetic where darkness and melancholy merge with the irreverent attitude of hedonistic abrasive colourful Dance Rock.

With “Ritual”, a true hymn to freedom, IMJUDAS plunge us in an early 80’s noir and moody romantic atmosphere evoking the sensual synth minimalism of PROPAGANDA, the poignant expressive and echoing vocals of GARY NUMAN, the dynamic liquid guitars of KILLING JOKE and the addictive melodies of DEPECHE MODE.

We then assist to the unexpected multiple transformations of this stunning post punk / darkwave hit once it gets a vintage mechanical synth treatment by electro master 808.DOT.POP, before taking a minimal electro techno pop trip with REICHSFEIND before receiving a late 80’s break beat hip hop techno dancefloor treatment by rising-fame act CUBIC, until the legendary German dark elektro act ACYLUM give it a sinister and almost morbid dimension. A mindboggling kaleidoscope of sound!

We will also notice the groovy synth B-track “So Untrue” which could have been the single title-song actually, featured here in a magnificent vibrating industrial pop remix by AIBOFORCEN with lush additional female vocals by nobody else but HELALYN FLOWERS’ very own Noemi Aurora.

This is Punk Wave for abandoned souls in amusement parks. ImJudas and YouAreToo…