ImJudas – Tulpa EP


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Strong from the high impact of his recent compilation appearances and the challenging cover of FRONT 242’s “Don’t Crash” on the “Recovery >For You<” tribute sampler, IMJUDAS starts his sonic crusade with the debut-EP “Tulpa”, preaching the darkness to better grasp the light, claiming to be an apostle and martyr rather than the paradigmatic traitor, carrying the emotional weight of all that hurts but that still is necessary to reach out greater things… 

IMJUDAS is the noir dyed electro-pop and dark dance solo-project from Italian artist maXX, founding member and male half of the infamous cult duo HELALYN FLOWERS. Conceptually based on inner sense of alienation, appealing surrealistic and esoteric themes, this project carries us in a shady, cinematically ‘black and white’ world deeply rooted in the early 80’s New Wave movement and aesthetic. 

It is surrounded with the lurking shadows of cult artists like Alan Wilder (DEPECHE MODE), David Bowie, Jaz Coleman (KILLING JOKE), Gary Numan, Marc Almond (SOFT CELL), Robert Smith (THE CURE) or yet Gavin Friday (VIRGIN PRUNES) that maXX started shaping IMJUDAS’ stylistic sound identity. 

Dramatic, epic and electric, “Tulpa” is the perfect tune to discover IMJUDAS! Sinister and addictive, groovy and darkish, its dramatic vocals perfectly fit the dynamic electro sequences and its overall complex and unpredictable song structure. On the other hand, “’Without Us You Are Nothing” reveals a more straightforward songwriting approach evoking the tones of a spoiled wave electro-disco-glam with a wink to Gary Numan crowned by sexy soulful female backings by n0emi Aurora (HELALYN FLOWERS’ frontwoman).

This is nu-wave synth pop at its best! DJ’s will also enjoy spinning the dancefloor mix of the title track by PEOPLE THEATRE, the old-school EBM remake by German label-mates AD:KEY or yet the incisive electro industrial version by London-based veteran INERTIA. 

Ready for the next crusade? With the self-titled debut album “Imjudas” coming out in 2018! 


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