Front 242 – (Filtered) Pulse (Deluxe Anniversary Limited Box – LP + CD + CD)


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For the celebration of their 35th anniversary year of existence in 2016, Belgian electronic music pioneers FRONT 242 decided to re-release several of their albums together with Alfa Matrix, their partner in crime over the last 15 years now… These remastered versions showcase FRONT 242’s innovative and unmatched sound in the best audio quality made possible by today’s audio technology.

For the occasion of the re-release of the “Pulse + Still & Raw” album, FRONT 242 also decided to release a deluxe collector box edition of “<Filtered> Pulse”  (a judicious track-list selected by Daniel B. as a kind of DJ set…).  The vinyl-sized carton box features a military camouflage design with a spotted varnish printed FRONT 242 logo and a die-cut “2” across the upper cover (once assembled with the two other limited collector box sets released for the anniversary series, you get the “2-4-2” cut across the 3 box sets).

The “<Filtered> Pulse” anniversary collector box is strictly limited to 1242 copies and includes the following items:

  • 1 x FRONT 242 “<Filtered> Pulse” – Gatefold LP (black vinyl – 180 gr)
  • 1 x FRONT 242 “<Filtered> Pulse” – Carton Sleeve CD (same track list as the vinyl LP)
  • 1 x FRONT 242 « live 2 » (carton sleeve CD)  Ancienne Belgique 89 . Front By Front : a professionally mixed exclusive15-track  live recording from the band’s concert at the legendary Ancienne Belgique in  Brussels – Belgium in 1989
  • 1 x FRONT 242 lanyard (white & red printed on black)
  • 1 x laminated « Pulse » live pass
  • 2 x FRONT 242 posters (315mm x 220mm)
  • 1 x V/A – “Sounds From The Matrix 017” (carton sleeve CD): an exclusive Alfa Matrix label compilation featuring 20 label mates of FRONT 242

“Pulse” was originally released in 2003 and is to date the last official studio album of FRONT 242. It gets marketed again this time as a double-CD with the “Still & Raw” Mini-Album as second disc.

Back in 2003, this album really took the FRONT 242 fanbase by surprise, breaking 10 long years of studio silence (besides some side-projects and other live recordings), revealing something new, different and once again absolutely ear-challenging, offering an inspiring look to the future of electronic music. Taking things further and pushing the limits of their machines, the legendary FRONT 242 showed that it was time to move on and that repeating their famous 80’s sound would have been unoriginal and in full contradiction with the band’s adventurous core spirit. “Pulse” being another work of pioneering electronic mastery on which creativity is genuinely abound. A sophisticated album on which the 242 team manipulates their instruments with unmatched dexterity, implementing synths and breakbeats in a quite unique and unpredictable way and bringing unmatched dark and passionate vocals in more subtle and melodic ranges never before demonstrated on FRONT 242 discs…

This is definitely an album that can only be appreciated fully after repeated listens. Simply lose yourself in the atmospheres and rhythms to really decipher and enjoy completely “Pulse” and its accompanying “Still & Raw” mini-Album.  So listen carefully…


FRONT 242 “<Filtered> Pulse” Gatefold LP (black 180 gr vinyl) + carton sleeve CD 

1. 7Rain
2. Together
3. Loud
4. Strobe
5. One

1. Matrix
2. TripleXXXgirlfriend
3. Collision
4. Strobe<Fragments>

* A carton sleeve CD version of this album is also included in each Vinyl with exactly the same track-list as featured on the Vinyl.

FRONT 242 « live 2 » (carton sleeve CD) Ancienne Belgique 89 . Front By Front 
An exclusive live recording from the band’s concert at the legendary Ancienne Belgique in Brussels – Belgium in 1989.

1. Intro/Circling
2. FiFO
3. Don’t Crash
4. Until Death
5. Red Team
6. Rhythmus
7. No Shuffle
8. Felines
9. Terminal State
10. Never Stop
11. Headhunter
12. MasterHit
13. Welcome To Paradise
14. WYHIWYG/U-men
15. Work242

V/A – Sounds From The Matrix 17 (carton sleeve CD) 
An exclusive Alfa Matrix label compilation featuring 20 label mates of FRONT 242

01. JUNKSISTA . trust no bitch
02. DIFFUZION . the blessed (rmx)
03. THE PSYCHIC FORCE . still walking (FRAMEWORK mix)
04. PSY’AVIAH . not what I expected (feat. Fallon Nieves)
05. AYRIA . underneath the water
06. ZOMBIE GIRL . rave of the dead (PRE:EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1)
07. KANT KINO . life (no fucking guitars Edit)
08. AVARICE IN AUDIO feat. MONDTRÄUME . crystal tears
09. ENTRZELLE . secondary to my love
10. SIN.SIN . these pretty things
11. STUDIO-X vs. SIMON CARTER . sunrise
12. ELEKTROKLÄNGE . approach to tokyo (straight connection mix)
13. METROLAND . under the roof (radio)
14. ELM . edge
15. NEIKKA RPM . deep dive (all you devils)
16. SCHWARZBLUT . vogala
17. VENAL FLESH . grotesque (self-portrait)
18. HELALYN FLOWERS . frozen star (EEXEE mix)
19. POUPPEE FABRIKK . rot (frater p version)
20. ALIEN VAMPIRES . you wish me dead get in line (SLEETGROUT mix)

Bonus 242 gems & fan-goodies

  • 1 lanyard (white & red printed on black)
  • 2 posters (315mm x 220mm)
  • 1 laminated « pulse » live pass

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