Front 242 – Moments 2CD


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After years of digital “uber alles”, analogue synthesis and technology has made a comeback. Front242 decided to re-load their old analogue sequences into the new generation of synthesizers and carefully re-designed all the sounds to match the spirit of their time. The result was proposed on a worldwide ‘Vintage Tour’ that is still running today. To satisfy their fans, but also the curiosity of numbers of listeners interested in the early electronic music atmosphere ; we invite you to discover this exceptional ‘Live’ recording encompassing the very best of Front 242’s compositions. Enjoy “Moments…” – a Snapshot of 242’s live sound.

Note that “Moments 1” which has 18 tracks, has 4 tracks in a different version than featured on this release.

This 2CD is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).


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